Indonesian For Beginners

Indonesian Greetings

Indonesian greetings are crucial to learn to communicate with local people or just simply make them smile as you their language 

Selamat datangWelcome
Sampai jumpaSee you
Sampai (jumpa) besokSee you tomorrow
Duluan ya (informal)I should go, see you later(used when you need to go before your friends or to end a conversation)
Hati-hatiTake care/be careful
Selamat tidurGood night
Apa kabar?How are you?
Baik- baik/baik-baik sajaFine/good
Terima kasih/makasih/makasih yaThank you
Terima kasih kembali/sama-samaYou’re welcome
PermisiExcuse me
SilakanPlease (go ahead)
Tidak apa-apaNo problem

Indonesian Greetings Exercise

Exercise 1

Write appropriate greetings based on the time below.

Picture for Greetings in Indonesian

Exercise 2

Match the expressions with the appropriate responses.

·  Apa kabar? ·  Selamat tidur juga
·  Selamat datang ·  Silakan
·  Makasih ya  ·  Hati-hati
·  Sampai besok ·  Baik-baik saja
·  Selamat tidur ·  Sama-sama
·  Duluan ya ·  Tidak apa-apa
·  Permisi ·  Sampai jumpa
·  Maaf ·  Terima kasih

I hope you know about Indonesian greetings after reading this post. Sampai jumpa! 

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