JB’s Terms and Conditions

Reservation and Payment

  1. You confirm your course reservation by paying your course fee and filling the online student form.
  2. There is no refund of deposit or course fee if you cancel your course.
  3. The course fee is not transferable.
  4. One hour lesson is equal to 55 minutes actual time.

Rescheduling or cancelling a class

We are passionate and committed to help you master Indonesian/English. To ensure the success of your learning, we would need your commitment to keep the momentum and regularity of your lessons. This is very important for your progress as well as our financial stability as we rely on teaching as our main source of income. Instead of cancelling a class, you can try to:

  1. reschedule your class on a different time or day*.
  2. take your class online.

* You can reschedule your class on the same week with a minimum of two-hour notice prior to your class. If the class is not rescheduled on the same week, it will be counted, unless sickness or emergency reasons. The same week starts on Monday and ends on Friday (Sunday if you have classes on the weekend). If your class is on Friday, you need to plan ahead so you can reschedule your class on the previous day/s.

In case you have to cancel a class, the following terms and conditions apply:

Private class (1 student)

  1. If you want to cancel a class, you need to let your teacher or school manager know at least 10 hours before your class. Otherwise, the class will be counted.
  2. If your teacher is not available on a particular class, you have two options: you can study with a different teacher on the same schedule or reschedule with the same teacher.
  3. If you take your lesson shorter than scheduled, the lesson will be still counted as a full lesson.
  4. Out of 20 classes, you are only allowed to cancel twice.

Group class (2 students or more)

  1. The hour package is for the entire group, NOT for each person in the group. So, if a group of two people decide to split their 30-hour package, each person would get 15 hours.
  2. Group classes cannot be cancelled unless the school is closed or the cancellation is agreed by other classmates and the teacher. The cancellation needs to be agreed on at least 10 hours prior the class.
  3. If you miss a class, you can contact your teacher to get an update on the lesson that you missed. You can reschedule a class for yourself with a charge of 150,000 IDR per hour.  
  4. If your teacher is not available on a certain day, he/she will be covered by another teacher. All our teachers are experienced and certified, and they will coordinate your lessons.
  5. You can change the class schedule only if all your classmates and your teacher agree to do so.