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Indonesian language, locally known as Bahasa Indonesia is arguably one of the world's easiest languages to learn. Spoken by 280 million people of various ethnic groups and local languages, Indonesian is created to be simple, so all Indonesians can learn and use it to communicate with each other. Learning Bahasa Indonesia will also enable you to understand its sister language Malay, which is widely spoken in Malaysia, Brunei, and Singapore.

Why study Indonesian with us?

Highly qualified teachers

Our Indonesian language teachers are experienced and certified to teach Bahasa Indonesia as a foreign language. They graduated from notable universities, all holding bachelor's and some master's degrees in language teaching, literature, and other related majors. Most importantly, they are passionate about teaching and sharing our language and culture.

Communicative and Practical

To learn Indonesian more effectively, exposure is key. That's why we immerse you in the language as much as possible. In class, your teachers strive to have the lessons entirely in Bahasa Indonesia. Grammar and language structures are taught in a practical context, enabling us to communicate in the Indonesian language most of the time.

Audio Lessons

Our Indonesian classes include video and audio lessons of daily conversations, mini stories, and movie clips. These lessons are designed to help you improve your listening skills and become more familiar with the sound and rhythm of the language as well as learning Indonesian cultures. Studying Indonesian with us grants you free access to our collection of lessons.

Language Learning Apps

We provide scientifically proven flashcard apps that utilize machine learning and spaced repetition approach to help you remember vocabulary long-term. All words and phrases in the flashcards correspond to our course books, equipped with sentence examples and voice recording. With regular use, you'll be able to recall Indonesian vocabulary with ease and confidence.

Authentic Materials

We want you to sound like us, Indonesians, which is why we've adapted our teaching materials from authentic resources that are part of our everyday lives. Our materials include real and natural conversations, monologues, stories, as well as YouTube videos, movie clips, TV series, podcasts, newspapers, and blogs - all of which we adjust to your proficiency level.

Personalized learning

Ultimately, we understand that every learner is unique. We listen carefully and personalize our teaching approach to meet your specific learning styles and language needs. If you believe you learn Indonesian best in a certain way or you need Bahasa Indonesia for specific purposes, please let us know. We will do our best to accommodate and support you.

Proficiency Level

cefr framework logo

We can help you speak Indonesian from scratch or start from your current level. At Jembatan Bahasa Indonesian Language School, we have adapted the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) as our guideline. We have six levels which correspond to the CEFR framework.

CEFR Framework Jembatan Bahasa Levels
A1 Pemula 1
A2 Pemula 2
B1 Menengah 1, Menengah 1+
B2 Menengah 2
C1 Mahir 1

If you have learned Indonesian before, we will asses your level on your first class to make sure you take the right course. We also conduct assessments to monitor your language learning progress and to see if you're ready to move to the next level.

Student Testimonials

Student Image

Mathis Claudel


"By far the best Indonesian language school I've learned at. The setting is fantastic, their book is super well-structured, and my teacher was incredibly patient and resourceful. I fully recommend Jembatan Language School"

Indonesian Course

Ozan Luis Harman


"I recommend the Jembatan Bahasa School – please feel free if you have any questions about my experience. On the first week, I enjoyed an introduction to Indonesian language course and have learned basic expressions, pronunciation, and about the structure of the language. I will definitely continue studying Bahasa Indonesia with the help and teachings of Jembatan Bahasa. The teachers followed a clear outline and exercise sheets were handed out. Additionally I felt that the teaching didactics (mostly immersion based learning) were thought trough and helped to gain the basics in an effective and efficient way."

Gemma image

Gemma Inghlieri


"I've been taking Indonesian classes for 3 weeks already and and I'm very satisfied! I can already see the results and I can't wait to continue. This school was recommended me by some friends, they were also very satisfied and I also brought my mother! She loved it. I really recommend this school to learn indonesian, the teachers are amazing."

Bahasa Indonesia Course

Trevor Gerhardt

United States of America

"Excellent teachers and a welcoming environment for learning bahasa Indonesia. Would highly recommend for anyone who wants to take a Bahasa Indonesia course! Terima kasih Jembatan Bahasa 🙏"

Katty Image

Caitlyn Roux

United Kingdom

"My partner and I really enjoyed taking Indonesian lessons with the Jembatan Language School. In total we did 20 hours. They were professional and accommodating. The classes were fun and we really got to learn the basics of Indonesian. We’re now able to communicate with Balinese people who can’t speak English very well. We would highly recommend taking lessons at this school!"

Bahasa classes

Amanda Molnar


"Pak Soma is honestly the best Bahasa teacher in Bali. He is patient, funny, and kind. His approach is completely different from other teachers as well; you speak Bahasa for the whole lesson (even if you only know a few words and have google translate), which means you progress really quickly. He is so supportive and classes feel like you are sitting and chatting with a friend (which you are!). If you want Bahasa classes and you live in Canggu, you should definitely contact Soma."

*Read more testemonies of students who have taken Indonesian lessons with us on Google and Facebook

Our Indonesian teachers

Our teaching team consists of experienced and qualified professionals who have a vast teaching experience and are certified to teach Indonesian as a foreign language, known as Bahasa Indonesia bagi Penutur Asing (BIPA).

Our Indonesian Language Courses

We offer courses designed for any need, from complete beginners to intermediate level learners, with options to suit your goals and preferences.

Regular Indonesian Classes

Our regular Indonesian classes are designed for students who prefer a slower pace of studying. These classes are perfect for beginners who are just starting to learn Indonesian and want to learn at a comfortable and steady pace. In general, our students study for one hour three times a week or 90 minutes twice a week. This is our recommendation, ultimately, you can decide the frequency and the duration of your lesson.

Intensive Indonesian Course

Our intensive Indonesian course is an ideal option for you if you don’t have much time in Bali or want rapid progress on your language skills. You will study for four hours a day, five times a week. You will work with two or more teachers to familiarize yourself with different speaking styles. Short trips and relevant cultural activities are available at an extra cost (for transportation and materials needed).

Online Indonesian Course

Learn Indonesian online from the comfort of your home. With our online Indonesian course, you can learn Indonesian at your own pace, with regular or intensive options, every day for at least one hour each session. Along with face-to-face classes via Zoom/Google Meet, you will get digital coursebook(s), free access to listening lessons, and vocabulary flashcards apps.

Indonesian Immersion Program

Our Indonesian immersion program is designed for students who want to experience the language and Indonesian culture firsthand. In this program, you will be immersed in Indonesian language and culture by attending language classes, participating in cultural trips and activities, as well as living with a host family (optional).

Indonesian Language Training for Businesses

We have extensive experience working with diverse companies and organizations. We understand that each corporate client has unique language requirements and goals, and thus, we collaborate closely with their management team to design a tailored language training program that best fits their needs. Our clients include:

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