Online Indonesian Course

This course is specifically designed for people who want to learn Indonesian from the comfort of home. With the support of experienced teachers, effective teaching methods, and extensive learning resources, you will master the language the fastest way possible.

How It Works

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You will study on a regular schedule with a professional Indonesian teacher via Zoom or Google Meet. You can contact the teacher anytime if you have any questions regarding Indonesian language and culture. We will also give listening exercises to boost your language acquisition outside of class.

Proficiency Level

We can help you speak Indonesian from scratch or start from your current level. At Jembatan Bahasa Indonesian Language School, we have adapted the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages (CEFR) as our guideline. We have six levels which correspond to the CEFR framework.

If you have learned Indonesian before, we will asses your level on your first class to make sure you take the right course. We also conduct assessments to monitor your language learning progress and to see if you're ready to move to the next level.

Activities in our Online Indonesian Classes

We believe that learning Bahasa Indonesia has to be fun and effective. In class, your teachers will speak the target language at all times to expose you to the language as much as possible. We always adjust our speaking based on your level and the topics you’ve learned. We do use English to explain grammar rules and culture-related topics. We want to make sure that you understand the structures of the language and use the language appropriately.

Some activities that you will do during your lessons include but not limited to:

Learning Materials

Once you register to our online course, you will have access to our learning materials which includes:

  1. Indonesian coursebooks

    The content of our course books is adapted from real life conversations and mini stories. In every unit, you will have easy-to-understand grammar explanations, expressions, and cultural notes. For beginner level books, the content will be based on everyday colloquial language in common scenarios such as shopping in a market, eating in restaurants, renting a land/house, asking for directions, and so on. For intermediate level and above, we include authentic materials from radio, podcasts, YouTube videos, newspaper, and blog posts by Indonesian speakers.

  2. Vocabulary Flashcards

    We provide flashcards apps to enhance your vocabulary mastery. The word list in the flashcards is taken from the coursebooks. In every word, you will have a sentence example and an audio recording. You can access our flashcard in two powerful popular platforms: Anki and Quizlet.

  3. Audio lessons

    Listening is a powerful way to acquire Indonesian quickly and help you to be a spontaneous communicator in the language. With this realization, we have created a collection of audio lessons that you can listen to outside of class. The audio collections are arranged based on the language level. In every audio lesson, we provide the transcript to double check your understanding. You can also discuss and ask any questions to your teacher during class.

  4. Other resources

    Other learning materials that are used to support your study include worksheets, online language games, interactive presentations, and online quizzes.


Your teacher will assess your learning progress throughout your course through your speaking performance and language-related exercises. To make sure you’re ready for the next level, at the end of each level, you will also have a formal assessment of listening, vocabulary, and speaking.

Our Teachers

Our teaching team consists of experienced and qualified professionals who have vast teaching experience and are certified to teach Indonesian as a foreign language, known as Bahasa Indonesia bagi Penutur Asing (BIPA). Click here to read their profiles. 


Our price structure depends on the number of learners in a class. We find one-on-one teaching is most effective as we can personalize your learning. If you prefer to study in a group, you can invite your friends along. Please note that Jembatan Bahasa doesn’t provide classmates for you.

Below is the price list for our online classes. To reserve, please click the price and continue with registration and payment.

Price List for Learning Bahasa Indonesia Online

*You can choose your study program (the duration and frequency of your study).

Number of
Number of Hours
30 60 90 120
1 5,100,000 9,900,000 14,400,000 18,600,000
2 6,600,000 12,900,000 18,900,000 24,600,000
3 8,100,000 15,750,000 22,950,000 29,700,000

Additional costs:

  • 150,000 IDR/person for a course book
  • 3% transaction fee if paying via a credit card

If you find any problems with the registration, please WhatsApp at +6282 145 950 737  or email at