Regular Bahasa Indonesia Course

This course provides you with the flexibility to study according to your availability and commitment. You can choose to dedicate as little as one hour per week or as much as two hours five times a week. If you have a busy schedule, you have the option to book your study time a day in advance. As long as you maintain regular study both inside and outside the class, you will make significant progress towards mastering the language.

Our carefully designed courses that address all proficiency levels, we can help you achieve your language goals, whether you are a complete beginner or a long-term learner.

Activities in Class

We believe that learning Indonesian has to be fun and effective. In class, your Indonesian teachers will speak the target language at all times to expose you to the language as much as possible. We always adjust our speaking based on your level and the topics you’ve learned. We do use English to explain grammar rules and culture-related topics. We want to make sure that you understand the structures of the language and use the language appropriately.

Some activities that you will do in your online Indonesian class include but not limited to:

If you want to explore Indonesian cultures while studying Indonesian, you can book our language and culture tours

Learning Materials

With our Regular Bahasa Indonesia Course, you will have access to:


Your teacher will assess your learning progress throughout your course through your speaking performance and language-related exercises. To make sure you’re ready for the next level, at the end of each level, you will also have a formal assessment of listening, vocabulary, and speaking.

Our Teachers

Our teaching team consists of experienced and qualified professionals who have vast teaching experience and are certified to teach Indonesian as a foreign language, known as Bahasa Indonesia bagi Penutur Asing (BIPA). Click here to read their profiles. 

Prices and Reservation

Our price structure depends on the number of learners in a class. We find one-on-one classes are most effective as we can personalize your learning. If you prefer to study in a group, you can invite your friends along. Please note that Jembatan Bahasa doesn’t provide classmates for you. To see our price list, please click here. Click the price and continue the registration process to book our course. Hope to see you in class soon! 

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3 8,100,000 15,750,000 22,950,000 29,700,000

If you find any problems with your course reservation or you have other questions, please WhatsApp at +6282 145 950 737  or email at