Have a Nice Day in Indonesian

In English, we need this expression for a nice farewell. But in Indonesian, there is no such expression similar to “have a nice day”. Indonesian people do not normally use it for parting. But English speakers, due to the habit of using this expression, often feel like there is something missing from the farewell without saying it. So they tend to make mistakes by translating “have a nice day” into “semoga harimu menyenangkan”.

Nope! No Indonesian would say “semoga harimu menyenangkan” to each other in daily conversation. So if you insist on saying this, locals would still get what you mean but it sounds like a walking textbook with incorrect content.

Not only does it sound unnaturally formal, this expression doesn’t actually exist in Indonesian culture. This is not what Indonesians say in their parting. Instead, they say “Duluan, ya” (I should go first) or “Hati-hati, ya” (take care) and also “Sampai besok, ya” (until tomorrow) to say goodbye.

Another way to say in your parting, is by adding “Selamat” + “an activity”. Like “Selamat beraktivitas” (happy doing an acitivitiy), “Selamat belajar” (happy studying), “Selamat istirahat” (have a good rest), etc. But often, youngsters say it in a slank way. They like to shorten “selamat” into “met”, like “Met belajar” and “Met istirahat”. They also sometimes “Sampai” into “sampe”, so they prefer saying “Sampe besok” instead of “Sampai besok”.

Dialog Example:

Kiki : Wah, cepet banget sudah jam 5. Mau pulang bareng nggak, Ra? (Wow, it’s been five o’clock, it feels so quick. Wanna go home together, Ra?)

Rara : Enggak dulu, deh. Kerjaanku masih banyak, nih. (Not today, I guess. My job is still a lot)

Kiki : Kalo gitu aku duluan, ya. Met beraktivitas. (If so, I should go first. Happy doing an activity)

Rara : Oke, deh. Hati-hati ya, Ki. (Okay. Take care, Ki)

Kiki : Ok… Sampe besok… (OK… See you tomorrow)

I hope you know how to say “have a nice day” in Indonesian the natural way now. Keep practicing, and good luck!

By Jembatan Bahasa

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