Ways to Say ‘See you’ in Indonesian

When it comes to mastering a language, understanding its common expressions can help you communicate with local people right away. In Indonesian, the ways to bid farewell are as diverse and vibrant as the archipelago itself. 

The most widely used way to say ‘See You’ in Indonesian is ‘sampai jumpa’, which literally means ‘until meet’. This phrase is appropriate for both formal and informal settings, making it a go-to expression for parting ways with friends, colleagues, or acquaintances. Let’s check out some other ways to bid farewell. 

Sampai nanti

For a more casual and friendly tone, you can use “Sampai nanti.” This phrase translates to ‘See you later’ and adds a touch of informality to your farewell. It’s perfect for friends or anyone you expect to meet again soon.

Sampai bertemu lagi

For a heartfelt and warm goodbye, “Sampai bertemu lagi” (until (we) meet again) is the phrase of choice. This expression conveys a sense of hope and anticipation for the next meeting, making it ideal for close friends or family members.

Sampai besok 

Besok means ‘tomorrow’, so you are essentially saying ‘see you tomorrow’ or ‘until tomorrow’. The complete expression is ‘sampai jumpa besok’, but most Indonesians shorten it. 

Selamat tinggal

If you’re bidding farewell to someone leaving for a longer duration or permanently, “Selamat tinggal” is the appropriate phrase. This expression translates to ‘Goodbye’ and is often used when parting ways on a more permanent basis. It may even be used to say goodbye in the worst case, when someone dies. 

Duluan ya

‘Duluan’ literally means ‘go first’ as in ‘I will go first (before you)’. The English version of this would be ‘I’m leaving’.‘Ya’ is an additional word to sound more polite yet it is not formal. ‘Duluan ya’ is a very common expression when you’re leaving your friends or colleagues. To respond to this expression, you can say ‘hati-hati’ (take care/be careful). 


For an even more casual and colloquial farewell, especially among friends, ‘Daah’ is a shortened version of ‘Sampai Jumpa’ or ‘Sampai Nanti’. It’s like saying ‘Bye’ in English, but with an Indonesian flair.

That’s it! We hope that you now have some options in front of you when you’re bidding farewell to your local friends.

By Jembatan Bahasa

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