Makasih Meaning and Other Thank you in Indonesian

Makasih meaning thanks in Indonesian is a very common expression. This is informal language, but it’s commonly used. 

Other Thank you in Indonesian

Other ways of saying ‘thank you’ in Indonesian, includes: 

Makasih ya 

Same meaning. Indonesians say ya a lot. It’s just a habit, it doesn’t particularly mean anything. 

Makasih banget

The informal way of saying ‘Thanks a lot’. 

Terima kasih

This is a formal way of saying thank you. You can also add banyak (means a lot) to express thank you very much. 


If you want to add ‘for’ as in ‘thank you for the present’ or ‘thank you for coming’. The word ‘for’ can be translated to atas or untuk if followed by a noun and sudah if followed by a verb. For example: 

Thanks for coming = Makasih sudah datang

Thank you for waiting = terima kasih sudah menunggu

Thanks for the present = Makasih untuk hadiahnya

Thank you for the opportunity = Terima kasih atas kesempatannya. 

Conversation Example

Budi: Hai Ayu, pa kabar? (Hi Ayu, how are you?)

Ayu: Baik-baik. Oh ya makasih untuk makan traktirannya kemarin ya (I’m good. By the way, thank you for the meal treat yesterday). 

Budi: Sama-sama. Senang bisa makan bersama kamu dan teman-teman yang lain juga (You’re welcome. I am happy to eat together with you and other friends as well). 

Ayu: Hari ini aku masak sayur. Aku bawain kamu sedikit. Mudah-mudahan suka (Today I cook vegetables. I brought you some. I hope you like it)

Budi: Wah.. makasih banyak ya. 

That’s it for the meaning of thank you and some examples. I hope you learn something today. See you in the next blog post.

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