I Love You in Indonesian

The most common way to say I love you in Indonesian is “Saya cinta kamu”, but there are more! Learn love expressions below to impress your beloved ones in Indonesian. 

Aku Suka sama Kamu

Suka means to like. You can either use it for food or other things, and even a person. When referring to a person, “Aku suka kamu” means “I have a crush on you”. So if you want to let your friend know that you like him/ her not in a romantic way, you can say what you like about that person, for example “Aku suka kerja sama kamu” which means “I like working with you” or “aku suka cara pikirmu” (I like your way of thinking).

Aku Naksir sama Kamu

Just like suka, naksir means to have a crush on someone. But you can’t confess your feelings by saying this word directly to your crush. That would be impolite, or sounds like you are joking around, because naksir doesn’t have a romantic connotation. People use this word when talking about their crush with someone else. For example, “Aku naksir sama dia” (I have a crush on him) or “Aku udah lama naksir adikmu” ( I’ve had a crush on your sister for a long time).

Aku Sayang Kamu

Sayang means affection. It functions both as a noun and a verb. Normally, sayang is used to express a platonic or familial love. We can say it to our best friends, family, and relatives. But sometimes, couples say “Aku sayang kamu” to each other. When it happens, it means “I sincerely love you” or “I love you with all my heart”.

I love you/ Love you

Believe it or not, Indonesians use this English version a lot. To most Indonesians, “I love you” actually sounds more natural and less awkward as it is common to hear it from national TV channels or famous influencers. 

Ready to express your love to your Indonesian friends or crush? Learn the words above properly and put them into practice. Selamat mencoba – good luck!

By Jembatan Bahasa

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