Basic Bahasa Indonesia Phrases

Want to start learning Indonesian? A good way to do that is to study basic phrases that are useful for everyday communication. Expressing yourself and conversing with simple words will motivate you to improve your language mastery. Check these beginner-level phrases below. 


  • Selamat pagi (Good morning)
  • Selamat siang (Good afternoon)
  • Selamat malam (Good evening)
  • Apa kabar? (How are you?)
  • Terima kasih (Thank you)
  • Sama-sama (You’re welcome)

Introducing Yourself

  • Nama saya John (My name is John)  
  • Siapa nama Anda? (What’s your name?)
  • Saya dari Sydney, Australia (I’m from Sydney, Australia) 
  • Dari mana? (Where are (you) from?) 
  • Saya tinggal di Bali (I live in Bali)
  • Tinggal di mana (Where do (you) live) 
  • Salam kenal (nice to meet you)

Common Expressions for Everyday Situations:

  • Tolong (Please)
  • Maaf (Excuse me/I’m sorry)
  • Permisi (Excuse me, when trying to pass through)
  • Di mana kamar mandinya? (Where is the bathroom?)
  • Berapa harganya? (How much is it?)

Getting Around

  • Ada pompa bensin dekat sini? (is there any gas station near here?)
  • Pantai Batu Bolong lewat mana? (Which way to Batu Bolong beach?)
  • Saya mau ke pasar Badung (I want to go to Badung market)
  • Lurus (straight)
  • Belok kiri (turn left) 
  • Belok kanan (turn right)
  • Tolong antar saya ke hotel ini (Please take me to this hotel)

Food and Dining

  • Boleh lihat menunya? (May I see the menu?)
  • Saya pesan nasi goreng (I would like to order fried rice) 
  • Enak sekali! (Very delicious!)
  • Mau makan apa? (what would you like to eat?) 
  • Mau minum apa? (what do you like to drink?)
  • Bisa minta notanya? (Can I have the bill?)
  • Bisa bayar pakai kartu kredit? (Can I pay with a credit card?)
  • Kembaliannya untuk Anda (The change is for you)
  • Ada diskon? (Any discount?)

Those are some basic Bahasa Indonesia phrases. Now go out there and practice with your Indonesian friends. If you’re looking to immerse yourself into Indonesian language and culture, check our immersion program

By Jembatan Bahasa

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