We provide language programs that fit any language need. You can also study at your preferred place: at our school, online, or at your home. Additional transport fee will be applied if you study at home.

Regular class

With our carefully-designed courses, we will take you from a complete beginner to a near-native level speaker. There are six levels with 20 teaching hours each. If you already know some Bahasa Indonesia, you need to take a placement test to find out what level you are in. Here is the price list for each level (20-hour course).

*All prices are in Indonesian Rupiah/IDR

Number of learners Price per learner
1 3,000,000
2 2,000,000
3 1,500,000
>3 1,200,000

Crash Course

You don’t have much time to study? No worries! We have designed a special class for you. This three-hour crash course will give the most needed words and language structures so you can use your knowledge right away to communicate with local people. If you want to find out if Jembatan Bahasa is good fit for you, we recommend you take this class as a trial. You will have a taste of studying with Jembatan Bahasa and see if you want to commit to take a longer program.

*All prices are in Indonesian Rupiah/IDR

Number of learners Price per learner
1 450,000
2 300,000
3 250,000
>3 200,000

Indonesian for Specific Purposes (ISP)

Whether you want to study Indonesian to start a business, or any other purpose, we’ve got your covered. With our ISP program, you can customise your lessons and bring your own materials to discuss as you wish. We will assess your language need and match you with our teachers who have backgrounds in the required field. Some ISP programs we had in the past include Indonesian for Business, Indonesian for Volunteers, Uji Kemahiran Bahasa Indonesia (UKBI) test preparation, and Indonesian for travelers. Here is the price for 20-hour ISP course

*All prices are in Indonesian Rupiah/IDR

Number of learners Price per learner
1 3,600,000
2 2,500,000
3 1,800,000
>3 1,500,000

Immersion Excursion

The best way to master any language is to put it into practice. That’s exactly what this excursion does. You will brush up your Indonesian with native speakers while enjoying the beauty of Balinese nature and culture. Some excursions we organise include: ricefield bike riding, batik making, mountain hiking, subak walking, and many more. Do you want to get a notification for our next excursion? Sign up to our list here.

*The price will be announced when the excursion date is decided.