Intensive Bahasa Course

Our intensive course is designed for you who don’t have much time in Bali or for you who want a rapid progress on your language skills.

You will study for four hours a day for a week or two. You can study for four hours straight with short breaks in between if you prefer. Alternatively, you can split your daily lesson into two; for example, two hours in the morning and two hours in the afternoon.

You will have at least two teachers, so you will be exposed to different speaking styles. Your teachers will work on different aspects of the language, but you will have enough repetition.

Learn about our methodology here.


One-week Program (20 Hours)

Number of learners Price per learner
1 2,500,000
2 2,000,000
3 1,500,000
>3 1,200,000

Two-week Program (40 Hours)

Number of learners Price per learner
1 4,500,000
2 3,500,000
3 3,000,000
>3 2,500,000

Culture Immersion Program

You can combine your study with our immersion program to beautiful places in Bali on the weekend. We organize trips for our students to enjoy the beauty of Bali, learn about Balinese/Indonesian culture, and put their bahasa into practice. Here are some options:

  1. Riding a bike through a rice field
  2. Hiking in Jatiluwih
  3. Purification in Sebatu

Please contact us for the extra cost for the immersion program.

Do you want to customize your study to fit your visit to Bali? Please contact us with your queries at .